What values should I use in custom labels

Choose your own definition for each of the five custom labels. Keep in mind the possible values for each label.Use feed rules to assign custom labels automatically based on values you already submitted in your product data. For example, if you want a custom label to represent different price ranges, you could set a rule that automatically applies a certain value to custom_label_0 based on the price range. For example, you might use the following labels: 0-5, 5-10, 10-20, 20+. For each product that you submit, you can include only one label (e.g., “summer”) per attribute (e.g., custom_label_0). However, if you want to include multiple labels, add the other custom label attributes. Remember that each of these attributes is optional. So include a custom label only if it’s helpful to you.ProductGoogle Malibu Sunglasses custom_label_0, summer custom_label_2, 5-10 custom_label_4, 2016