How do I work with custom labels?

Custom labels is truly a very good assistant in giving your campaigns a boost! And we often get the questions ’’ But how do we work with custom labels, and why should we use them?’’ Why you should use them has the simple answer: More information in your feed = better result in Bidbrain But you can also get better reports using custom labels. To answer the question ’’ How would we work with custom labels’’:
There are several ways to do it, and stores sometimes prefer one way to another and there is not really a ’’one size fits all’’. But to give you some examples: The standard: The most common use for custom labels is for filtering products in your campaigns and your reports. Let's say that you are a re-seller who works with tons of brands. Then there is a high chance that you have different margins depending on brands and also different KPI:s internally for these brands. Using a custom label, let's call it ’’ new brand’’ on all newly-activated brands, allows you to filter these newly added brands in your reports and in your campaigns, which makes your Google Shopping easier. The booster: Some stores choose to use Custom labels depending on seasonality, margins, high converting products, best sellers and so forth. Let's give an easy example. Some stores choose to set a seasonality custom label on their products. Let's say that you have swimwear: then those would get a custom label like ’’ Summer’’ And then you have winter jackets then these would get a custom label like ’’ winter’’ and so on and so on. Using this you can set filtering in your campaigns or create campaigns with only these products. Let's call this campaign ’ seasonality’, this way you can easily change which products to push but just using the custom label identifier. You can also use this booster towards Bidbrain. Either by giving Bidbrain a rule saying that ’’ all products with relevant seasonality custom labels should be pushed’’ or by letting Bidbrain pick up on these products' unique behaviour and optimise automatically.