Feed minimum requirements

Feed requirements:

  • The minimum number of products in feed: 100 st. *
  • Category and product_type with at least 3 levels each. For each attribute, there should be at least 10 unique combinations per 100 products.
  • You have to have a Google feed (this means having Google attributes in your feed)

The encoding format should be UTF-8, we support ISO-8859-1 but we do not recommend this format.

  • We highly recommend that you don't use a paginated feed. If you need to have your feed set up that way then it's very important that products aren’t jumping between the pages
  • We recommend XML for optimal use. We support: .xml .csv .txt .tsv .gz 
  • Required attributes in the feed:
    * Article ID
    * Title
    * Price
    * Product URL
    * Brand (Optional but very nice to have)
    * Category (preferably google category)
    * Product_type (Three or more levels with minimum 10 unique combinations per 100 products)
    * Description
    * GTIN and/or MPN
    * Image URL
    * Shipping cost (If this is not set up correctly in Google Merchant Center)
    * Stock
    * Regular price (If Price is a sale price)

* We can accept smaller feeds (10-99 products) with smaller ad spend, but never less than 20 000 SEK.

For bigger product feeds (50 000 products or more) the ad spend needs to be at least 100 000 SEK or more.

For more detailed information see our article named Google Shopping Product Feed